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Friday, May 15, 2009
Maths.. @ 10:27 PM

Today maths paper..I wanted to say..
The teacher was very very damn stupid!!!
Well,they gave us 2 hours and half minutes do 2 papers..
Never mind,I accepted it..
But the BM teacher,is it that her brain left at her bedroom's pillow?
When the exam wanted to start,she called us go swept the floor!!!huh!?
Swept floor!!??That was very ridiculous!!!!
Now exam called us swept floor!!!What the heck!!!
Then we started at 9.45a.m.
But the teacher write the time was 9.30a.m.!!
Ish!!!!Then we totally not enough time to finish it..
2 hours and half finished 2 papers...
And the paper was full question,too..
Oh my Godness,but luckily that I finished it when teacher said time was finished..XD
Stupid teacher,wanted exam still called us swept floor..ISH!!
I think that my maths maybe dont have A1 ler..sigh..
My maths paper ah!!!!T.T
And today I totally regret I chose the "The person that i most admire" in english essay..
Because today my head suddenly pop out many tips at the No.2 question...
Sigh,maybe I too nervous during exam..
Then now keep pop the tips out..==
Sigh...Just leave it lar..Dont want care already...
However,today I'm in a happy mood...hoho
Because of something~~XDD
That's all for today..XD


That's my way as a human being.:)

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