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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
LOVE~~ @ 10:57 PM

Well,before craping..
Iwanted to post a conversation that I very very like!!!
It was from New Moon..
I will cut some part out that i liked..XD
"You said anything,"He reminded me.
"Yes,but...you'll use the time to find a way out of it.I have strike while the iron is hot.Besides,it just too dangerous to be human-for me,at least.So,anything but that."
He frowned."Three years?"
"Isn't it worth anything to you at all?"
I thought about how much I wanted this.Better to keep a poker face,I decided,and not let him know how very much that was.It would give me more leverage."Six months?"
He rolled his eyes."Not good enough."
"One year,then,"I said."That's my limit."
"At least give me two."
"No way.Nineteen I'll do.But I'm not going anywhere near twenty.If you're staying in your teens forever,then so am I."
He thought for a minute."All right.Forget time limits.If you want me to be one-then you'll just have to meet one condition."
"Condition?"My voice went flat."What condition?"
His eyes were cautions-he spoke slowly."Marry me first."
I stared at him,waiting..."Okay,What's the punch line?"
He sighed."You're wounding my ego,Bella.I Just proposed to you,and you think it's a joke."
"Edward,please be serious."
"I am one hundred percent serious."He gazed at me with no hint of humor in his face.

Well,that the"I" was the Bella.Not me o..haha~~
Super like this conversation..
So i post it out for those who havent read finish the New Moon..
Especially Tracy,you must keep continue reading..
I knew that the front was very gek sim..
That also make me upset..
But the back really very sweet...hoho~~
Trust me..
I like the conversation!!!XD
That all for today~~FLY~~!!


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