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Friday, May 1, 2009
Politics @ 8:22 PM

When tuition Add Maths..
I always discuss the politics with Sir Tan while doing the homework he gave..
Now is tuition add maths or politics??
Sir said the add maths question in SPM doesnt had any challenge to us..
Well,still got challenge for me..
I admit my add maths wasnt the best...
But i'm totally a freak in this subject..XD
Why the gournment always gives the chance to the Malays??
Even is going to matrik,JBA,University..
The Malays was the first thinks to them..
That's so unfair to the people who can submit a high grade in exam..
Why the gournment never thinking about be fair to anyone??
Said what lives as one just a talk??
No matter how we get a high grade in exam
The government also just thinking their "lovely" Malays..
I'm not sarcasm to the Malays...
Just wanna said that's really unfair to us...
Sigh..Hope the government workers wont found my blog..xP
Finish the politics talk..
Let's talk about my books..XD
I hate Jacob!!!
He really pissed me off!!!
Pity my Edward only~~T^T
Awaiting The Twilight Saga:New Moon..
Wanna see my handsome Edward...XD
ok lar,I want fly away ler..
Fly to the Eclipse...
I read till Edward ask Bella marry him..
OMG!!Damn romantic...XD
Well,i wanna going insane by myself...XD


That's my way as a human being.:)

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