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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Exam!!Exam!!Exam!!!!>< @ 7:55 PM

Today was the BM paper..
The paper 2 not enough time to finish..
But I also finished it finally..XD
But I guess my BM paper wont be get A1...sigh
Whatever lar..The BM paper was already be a past tense..
Tomorrow is the English language and History..
I hate history!!Dont interesting also!!
Islam Islam!!Whole book also talking about Islam!!
Damn boring!!!!!><
Sigh,read history for what??I'm not malay also..ish!
When tuition Add Maths.. Sir had gave us do revision..
Now I just realise that my weakness is statistic..==
Seriously,I hate this chapter..
Not only boring but must memorise the method..WTH!!
But anyway I'll try my best during the Add Maths papers..

Edward playing piano!!!Damn handsome!!!!>///<


I totally addicted in this picture!!!

My Edward ah~~Soooooo handsome!!!Lum die me lu~~XD

I'll keep see the picture when do revision..lol

It giving me a support~!!!>///<

Well,now is the time fly away..

Want to do revision for tomorrow's exam..

See ya~~XD


That's my way as a human being.:)

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