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Monday, April 20, 2009
Yesterday.. @ 1:17 PM

Saturday that day...
My great-grandfather passed away..
so yesterday attended to the ceremony something like that lar..
well,I afraid toward the coffin..
Dont know why just scared..
From 6.00pm till mid-night 12.00am.
Such a very longer night..
But luckily we back at 11.20pm..
Because I bluff my father tomorrow had school..XD
While i looked at the coffin..
I thinking something..
If my great-grandfather can live for 4 years then gd lor..
Cause he still more 4 years is already reach 100 years old..
But unfortunate...
The God dont want him live till 100 years old..
Yesterday really boring...
And my mom yesterday dont have go also...
Who know my family condition sure know why my mom dont want to go..
Sometimes really hate my father..
The ceremony havent started..
He already keep wanted us to go there..
Go there for what??
Help u do this do that???
So many people there why must us go do??
My mom is right!!
He always just want his face..
didnt respect our dicision..
Hate that!!!
Anyway,today wanna go there again..
and tomorrow also..
Cannot go to school...
That all for today..


That's my way as a human being.:)

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