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Monday, May 11, 2009
Examination,Stupid Newspaper!! @ 11:02 PM

Well,although tomorrow wasnt science stream exam..
But that had make a tension in our class..
Today Koh Koh so hardworking sit at his seat do revision..
Never saw him be hardworking before..haha
But seem like I havent get ready to read books..die
I admited that I'm a lazy person..truely..XD
But anyway I promised that I will do revision..XD
Hope my mid-year test wont get a too suck result..namooo~~
Finished the exam,let's talk about the stupid newspaper!!><
Most stupid newspaper i had read before!!!
Always simply crap!!!!
Long time ago TVXQ like that I also dont care..
But now even my latest idol..Edward Cullen(Robert Pattinson)
Also get involve in their craps!!!
Let's talk about yesterday...
The newspaper said he and that act Bella's seem like was a couple..
Though I dont very like that girl in reality..
And sumore I dont agreed that they were match..
But that's ok..I still can accepted it..
But today was getting worst!!!!
The newspaper said that..aww!!!
I cant said it out!!!That really very very worse!!!
Dont have any photo can prove it...
The magazine had phone the pub..
But the pub didnt admit that he got went there before..
OMG!!!Knewing that was a crap then dont post it out in the newspapers!!!
Even his manager also said that was the news most funniest that he heard before!!
Nowadays the newspaper really get what news then just post it!!
Even though is a crap also just post it along!!ISH!!
Hate the newspaper!!!ish ish ish!!!!
Now I'm very very upset!!!
So that's all for today!!!><


That's my way as a human being.:)

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