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Saturday, May 16, 2009
Happy Teacher Day @ 9:14 PM

Before started craping,I wanted to wish whole world teachers..
Happy Teacher Day!!!
How dare I forgot this day!!
Sumore today I went to Sir Tan tuition...
And I didnt greeted to him..==
I'll felt guilty...sigh
Never mind,when Monday I go to greet him..XD
When I saw Wai Yee's blog I Just realise today is teacher day..==
Today Hui Ling come my home for revision..
She asked me taught her add maths and physics..
Cant believe I could taught other people..XD
Then we chat many things..
She got told me something..
But I dont want said it out at here...
Suddenly think this world really very unfair...
Even is best friend also can be like that..sigh..
Today still like normal...
Eat and surfing net...
But today's dinner super syok!!!
My family and I went to eat chicken chop!!XD
Yummy yummy~~wakakakaka
Today also in a happy mood..
And the reason also was...
Because of something~~XD
Well, at here I wish Sir Tan happy teacher day..
When Monday at school also will greet him again!!XD
That's all for today..XDDD


That's my way as a human being.:)

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