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Monday, May 18, 2009
Celebration of teacher day at school~ @ 7:58 PM

Today had a celebration of teacher day at our school..
After Mr.Chua and principal finished thier craps..
The performance started...
The first performance was the dragon dance..
Performed by Jason and our school K.P(Ketua Pengawas)..XD
And the CBK was the big head!!!XD
This big head very cute and funny!!!XD
When I looked at him,I cant stop laughing!!><
His motion..wakakakakaka,very funny!!
I dont know how to describe it..XD
And he kept gave the candies to other students..(not including me)
But he no dare took that mask off..
Perhaps he dont want let other students know that was him..><
The second performance...
A gang of ugly guys danced TVXQ's dance-Purple Line...==
Well,when I saw about that.. I almost crazy!!!><
They were very very yong sui!!!
Dont have the power as oppas dancing..
And I mention someone dont know how to dance..==
Too sucks!!!But that time I really too gek dong ler..><
Wanted my friends stopped me to find eggs throw them..lolx
Anyway,I hate this performance...==
I hate that K.P too..lol
Because he wanted us saw teachers playing but we cant take part..><
And we wanted go back to classroom..
He called prefect make announcement said that we cant stayed at class room..==
Sumore called us duty to avoid the students go back to class..==
But Shi Jin and I dont know stood at the canteen for what..sigh
Make me cant finished my account homework..ish!!!
Today,I greeted to Sir Tan!!!!><
Sir Tan still like to joke..XD
Anyway,happy belated teacher day to Sir Tan,Teacher Lin and my lovely primary school teachers...
I'll miss you all and never forget you all..XD
Wanna do revision,tomorrow still have to face sejarah and moral papers..><


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