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Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Cedric Diggory by Pattinson in Harry Potter The Goblet of Fire @ 10:01 PM

Cedric Diggory!!!!!
Well,he is handsome as Edward Cullen in Twilight!!
Of course,same person!!XD
Today felt boring then went to youtube watched the The Goblet of Fire..
Because my friends had been told me that Pattinson was the actor in the movie..
At first,I think maybe he in the movie of harry potter wont so handsome as in Twilight..
Who knew after I watched the scene of Cedric Diggory..
I shocked,because that's different with my friend that she told me..
Cedric Diggory damn handsome!!!!XD
Cedric gave me that he was like a cute guy,always smile,brave and friendly..
But Edward gave me that he was like a gentle,careful,strong and always smile too..
Well,both of them was exactly same person!!!!
But Cedric was very pity..
Because he dead when the end of the movie..
He dead because of he save Harry..
When I watched that scene my tears almost coming out already..T.T
So touching...T.T
Now I cant stop thinking about Cedric..XD
Let me siao myself ba~~XD


That's my way as a human being.:)

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