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Sunday, March 29, 2009
choral speaking til be a mad person!!>< @ 10:50 PM

Tomorrow gonna perform during the assembly..
Oh man,i'm felt like nervous now!!!
Luckily wasn't face to the students..
If not i really will die..
Hate the indians!!!!
Competition is coming soon already..
They still said they wanted to quit and wanted go to camp!!
WTH!!!I know lar..
They wanted go camp"kao zai"ma..
She this look can kao zai meh??maybe gv the indians she was..XD
Shit de,already memorise the text said wanted to quit..
They really very 38 de lor!!!ish ish ish!!!
I'm worry about that when competition..
We cant perform well and lose to the hwa lian!!!aikx
But also very funny when row B speak during the practice..
Cause Sin Yee speak til very loud and wanted the others know they all too soft..XD
If not was Sin Yee already speak out and they havent..aikx..
Like this how come we can win the hwa lian??
They pratice 3 days during the holidays..
Not only holidays but also the school days..
Oh man,i'm sure we cant win the hwa lian lar!!!aikx..
And that sei ye friday he skip school because go jogging!!!
Walao,now i already know he always skip school because go play lar..
He really dont worry about his sptm de meh??
WTH,make me so worry and angry lar..ish!!!
Hate him de..
Dont want peduli him already!!always skip school,sei lar!!!><
Anyway i'm scare about the performance during the assembly..
That's all for today!!FLY~~XD


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