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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Today's BM lisan,funny~~xDDD @ 11:22 PM

Well,during the BM period...
I'm really keep laughing...
Because i be someone's assistant...
But i'm the first one of the girl for today lisan..
And Ah Fatt they all keep make me laughing...
Make me cant get a highest marks in lisan..cried..
I just get 26/40!!!walao,my friends all get 30 lor..
Oh my gosh!!!too low already leh,aikx..
I be my friend assistant as help her show that how cooking..
It very funny if u were at the scene..haha..
She already prepare the"ingredients"such as..
Garlic,egg,prawn,oil,salt and more lar..
But all is made by papers..lol..
I most remember that when she said that wanna put some"kicap"..
The bottle also put into the"pan"..hahahaha,if you saw it sure laugh die..xDD
In addition,her "pan"is made by papers too..xDDD
Tiffany and I keep laughing non-stop..xDDD
Even my BM teacher also..==
I cant believe that our BM period wasn't boring at all..xDDD
And sumore her rice put into the pan also put the bowl in!!!!
The bowl sumore have a smily face at there!!!
hahahahahahaha,really can laugh die already..
Never think that our lisan will presented til like this..xDDD
Anyway,today i'm really keep laughing non-stop..haha
That's all for today..FLY!xDDD


That's my way as a human being.:)

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