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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Confess??Confess!!Confess!!??@.@ @ 10:30 PM

Oh well,before i started craping..
I wanted to shout!!!
Because it was holiday!!!xDDD
Just ignore that..lolx..
Today also was a normal boring day...
Sleep,eat and sleep again..
My holiday life just like this..
repeat and repeat..
Nothing special..
Just today I get shocked..
Because have someone confess to me..
Erm,he was my classmate when primary school..
Actually at first i guess he just kidding..
But i never think that he really like me==
Well,i got ask him why and when he like me...
He said,when the last year i meet back him..
And he got the feeling toward me already..
And everytime saw me also have the feeling come out..
And he said when he wanted to chat with me..
Because i stress so i tell him i'm busy lar..
He said everytime like that his heart like hitted and unwell..
LOLX..Cant image that he like me..
Because i never think that had people will like me..
Luckily he didnt asked me to be his girlfriend..lolx
Although he ask i also wont accept lar..
Because have someone in my heart already..hehe
But if confess to me de is him..
I sure will happy til fly..hahax..
So i had some dissapointed lar..hehe..
Now i think should i confess to him??
Because yesterday bubu and ling called confess to him..
If not later he gratuate dont have chance already..
But i dont have the brave to confess...
If later he refuse then both of us paiseh..
Then no friend do already lor..
I dont want become like that..
So i needed think properly...
But if he like me he confess then never mind lar~~xDDD
Think too much already,this never will happened..
However,i dont know how was my decision..
But i hope i wont doing something that made myself regret..
Ok,now i stop craping ler..
Wahahahahahaha,fly away~~lolx!!


That's my way as a human being.:)

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