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Saturday, March 21, 2009
Forever happy memories from Buddha camp~~^^ @ 11:06 PM

Yoyo...I'm came back from camp lu~~xDDD
It was a amazing camp that i had join~!!!!!
Although the camp didn't having many people join..
Or maybe the food wasn't the best..(but gv me already was the best!!!xDD)
But i like my group and the AJK!!!
Especially Ah Liang and Guang Yao(having thousand fans but all is F1~~xDDD)
Keep let me play..xDDD(i knew that i was bad~!!xDD)
Oh ya,Ah Liang still hutang a drink to me...huhu~~
When the 1st day of camp
The camp members will be devided by 4 group..
Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter..
Well,I'm the Grp Summer member..Hot and Sexy..(just ignore the sexy...xDD)
My group leader was the Wai Yee..haha
She so nice..wakakakakakaka
And my group had 2 little girl from form 1..
Although when play game especially shout the slogan..
They had a bit..shame..(but gv me is a lot..xDD)
But they also very nice lar..huhu..
We play many many fun games..
Such as the water war,tressure hunt and many many..
I most like was the water war..
Because i can take this opportunity to bully the AJK..xDDD
Especially Meng Hou..because i just can bully him..==
Actually i wanted bully Ah Liang de...wahahahahahaha..
But today's tressure hunt he bully me..T^T
Because when we were find the clues and need to find him..
Then when wanted to call him,he suddenly run so fast..
Make me run til my stomach pain!!!><
But because of this he hutang me a drink...hoho~~
And 1 more things is the tressure hunt that photo de..
Had a clu is someone's head...a boy...
hahahahahahaha,i dont know want how to explain a..
Anyway is funny lar~~xDDD
And also gt one more a photo like a sea animal..
"Hai Dan"hahahahahahaha,also laugh die me...
I most dislike part was the yesterday night tressure hunt..
Because our 3rd clues dissapear..
Make us have to end the game earlier..@.@
Although had some sad but we were enjoy the game at all..huhu~~
Yesterday also had play games at the computer lab..(our sleeping place)
Actually we all were slept at the classroom..
Luckily Sir Ho gv us to sleep at computer lab..Thanks Sir Ho..^^
When we play the games at the lab..had a part was the drama..
All AJK must having to performed a cat walk..
I really wanted to said..very funny~!!!
hahahahahahaha,laugh die me...
Really many many wanted to said but i knew to many wasn't good lar anyway..
So i post the photo to sharing with you all..huhu~~

My name tag...Although not very nice lar,but i will appreciate this photo...lolx!

Our Group Summer leader Wai Yee and the "asistant which too hyper active"that was me!!xDDD

Our Group Summer Member Poh Yi and me~!!

Me,Group Spring leader(I dont know what her name..@.@) and Wai Yee~~!!!!

Xue Lin,Me,Spring Group leader and Wai Yee

Ah Liang and me..Dont know why Ah Liang always wear the soldier cap,maybe he think hiself was the soldier~~xDDDD

Me,Meng Hou,Xue Lin and Sir Ho..I like this photo very much!!!Because Sir Ho was so cute!!!!><

Xue Lin and me..How was ugly that i had??xDDD

Yoyo,our group Summer 1st hamper!!!!!Although it was left it during CNY til now,but the food havent expired~~Trust me..xDDD

Min Jin,me and Li Rong...I want take photo with Li Rong long time but she keep on escape from my camera!!@.@

Me and Jia Yu...I knew her when i was primary school!!How dare she forgotten me...T.T

Anyway,during the 1st night..

My mood very down because of something..

And i dont want repeat this things again..

So dont want say lar..

Wish next time this camp AJK will held more and more camp..

I prepare to bully them,hoho~~xDDD

That's all for today..FLY!


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