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Saturday, March 7, 2009
Out Of Sight,Out Of Mind... @ 10:05 PM

Today after tuition,i went to the happy book shop with Shi Jin...
Wahahahahaha,go there for what??
Of course was go rent book lar...
Shi Jin recommended some manga for me...
I havent read yet but i will read later..lol..
After that we go to the relaxing point lim teh..
wahahahahaha,we chat many many things..
Included him...
I suddenly remember that yesterday the Dexter(he was a prefect and he wear spec)
I duty at form 6 block when reccess..
He suddenly see me and ask me..
Are you know who is he??
What is the relationship between you and him??
Are you know he is yours what people??
Something else like that,i get shocked..again..
I just say dont know and not...
Why he ask me like that???
Sometimes i will think,could i forgot about him??
I have try before..
The result is NO...
Maybe i can out of sight,out of mind...
But i couldn't...
I tried to do it hundred times,thousand times..
But i really....
Now i everyday go to school also is bring the anxious emo to there..
Because i worry,i worry to see him..
I worry him look at me..
I worry...
Sometimes i will ask myself...
Izzit i'm stupid on doing this things??
Ya,really very stupid..
If i can out of sight,out of mind..
Maybe i wont so suffer..
I'm really suffer on it..seriously..
I'm tired too..
But i really cant stop thinking about him...
Today when chat with Shi Jin..
I got ask,if he really like me and confess with me..
If you is me..you will accept or not?
Shi Jin answered maybe she will..
Because he is a very nice person..
But just 1 year only..
1 year later he will leave already,because he was the f6 student..
I also think like that...
And impossible he will like me...seriously..
I just wish he and me can be friends...
I never think that he will like me..
Or if he really like me,i also dont have prepared to paktor..
I'm really hope that i can out of sight,out of mind...
But i really can't do it........


That's my way as a human being.:)

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