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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Boring day...Tomorrow go camp lu~~xDDD @ 10:45 PM

Tomorrow i'm going to my school buddha camp..xDDD
It dont have speech or something else like that..
Just we gather and play only..
Although it just 2 days 1 night camp..
But i guess i will enjoy the camp at all..xDDD
Today also nothing special..
Aikx,what a boring life..><
Actually i guess today i wont receive that guy msg again..
Because he having a camp today..
But unfortunate he had sent the msg to me..again==
Although it just 1 only..
But 1 i also dont want to see it..
Because that will let me felt disgusting..lol
No mood to peduli those things..so dont have reply..lol
Tonight i went out to buy some stuff for the camp..
I just told my mom..
You wanted to see de people wont appear..
But you dont want to see de people always appear..
Then my brother keep ask me izzit yesterday meet that guy..(ya,really i met him yesterday..==)
Later,he keep ask me how was that guy..
And i just said i wont fall in love with the guy that stupid than me..(maybe it gt some hurt..)
My bro then said you cant like this de bla bla bla..
Izzit want me to accept him??
The answer is NO WAY!!!!I wont accept him!!!!
Maybe i said like that gt some hurt but i dont have said it to him wer..
Izzit got people confess to you you must accept??Oh my!!
How come i have a stupid bro like this??Cant imagine it!!!
Anyway tomorrow i hope i can enjoy the camp..huhu~~
That's all for today...fly~~xDDD


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