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Monday, March 16, 2009
14th March-Amazing Race,15th March-Christmas In March @ 4:25 PM

I come back from the amazing race!!!

Actually wasnt come back lar...
One day is amazing race,then next day is christmas in march....
These events were under the christian event...
These events were held at SMK Hwa Lian...
After I went to there,i felt the christian
All so nice,friendly,wasnt like the people say boring or something else..
And i knew many friends at there...
Such as my group leader Ii Shan...
Dorothy,Dora and many many friends...
I felt so happy and i wont felt shame when join the event with them..
haha,this also want thanked to our school interact president..

14th March-Amazing Race

Our group F at the race was at 6th...Although was 6th,but we have enjoy the game at all~~~hehe

Our group F leader Ii Shan and me~~Izzit handsome??But his real people more handsome~~~wahahahahaha

Rudy and me~~~He soooo tall~~~Oh man!!!@@

Beside me was a super pretty girl,I guess..xDDD..our group F member~~

Me and Khai Ling,Our group F member also~~wakakakakaka...

Me and Our school interact president Khai Jye...handsome right??I stand very close with him and sumore "touch"~~xDDD

Me and our school interact vice president,she very pretty lar~Although the photo had a bit blur...lolx~~

15th March-Christmas In March

Dorothy,Me and Shi Jin...Are you believe that Dorothy was 32 years old??But she really was 32 years old and she was married~~@@

Dora and Me~~~The red umbrella women,But that day she wear green~~xDDDD

SMK Mentakab Interact Club rockx!!!!!xDDDD

Although the photos weren't many,but this will be the memorable memories for me...

I was so enjoy this weekend...

I hope i can join this event next year~~

I will miss you all guys..

Wish next year we will meet again....

Guys,c you all next year~~^^


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