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Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Thanks You~^^ @ 11:07 PM

Cute right????
The present was gave by Tracy and Doggi~!!!
I super like this present~!!!!!
So cute man~!!!!!!<3333
Thanks for you guys~~
I know what Tracy wanted to say-No worries..XD
Okay lar,really no need to worry about~XD
Thanks ya~Anyway~XD

Michael's posters~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I needed to say thanks you to Tiffany and Xue Lin!!!
Thanks for taking the posters to me~!!!!Touching!!!T.T
When I received and opened it,I shouted like hell~!!!!!!!
Especially when I saw Michael's face~!!!!OMO~~~~<3333
I want that Thriller-Special Edition~!!!!
I don't have that lar~!!!!
And another reason is Michael on that cover so cute and hot!!!!<3333
Mike,love ya~~~~~<3333
Tomorrow I want to ask Ah Meh for another posters~!!!
I want her shop's counter that one~!!!!
Took when Thriller Era~!!!!OMG~!!!!!I love that!!!<3333
And I wanted to say thanks you to my mum~
Finally,she allowed me to buy the Opus~!!!!
Opus,Opus~!!!!!Wait for me~!!!!XD
Totally in crazy state~~~Fly away~~XD

Mike~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love your *bling**bling* white glove~!!!!Love ya~love ya~love ya~XDDD

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