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Friday, September 4, 2009
Happy 16th Birthday!!! @ 9:19 PM



Woohoo~!!!!Today's my 16th Birthday~!!!Sweet Sixteen~!!!!XD
That's means I'm old again~!!!!!T.T
Why????I don't want getting to become old~!!!!T.T
Firstly,say happy birthday to myself~!!!!!
I know that's most hilarious things that I've done~!!!><
Wish myself happy birthday~!!!LOLx!!XD
I didn't have any special celebration for my Birthday either at school or home..
Just simply blew the candles on the cake..
And yet I get 48 wishes from my friends..
Maybe still the wishes increasing..LOL
Although you guys sent the wishes through speaking,SMS and MSN..
But that's sooo touching~!!!!!Love you guys!!!<333
So,now I wanna thanks to the people who sent me wishes:

Burblejee aka BuBu
Guet Peng
Rachel aka Loi Loi
Sir Tan(One of my idols~!!!Woohoo~!!!XD)
Wai Yee
Shi Jin
Hui Ling
Xue Lin
Jing Ying
Sin Yee(Dai Lou)
Li Jiun
Mei Kah
Ying Xin
Li Yong
Mei Tieng
Wei Yi
Ah Fatt
Maverick Ng
Shang Zhi
Kai Hao
Koh Koh
Yang(St. Thomas,Kuantan)
Yi Lin
Wen Lin
Khai Bing
Kai Xiang
Ah Meng
Jing Ling
Wan Ching
Tian Hong
Seok Hun
Chin Yie
Hui Ying
Ah Meh
Pei Yi
Wong Chong Cherng aka Kakaka
Ang Li Min
Lai Mei Guan aka Ah Pui

Thanks for you guys~!!!Muacks~!!!!Exception of Ah Pui & Kakaka
That's soooo touching you guys still remember my Birthday~!!!!!!
Love you guys ya~!!!!Exception of Ah Pui,because she just made me shocked but not touching..LOL

This present was gave by Shi Jin,Xue Lin and Jing Ying..
But this present was chosen by Shi Jin..
Shi Jin ahhhh..She really knows me well..
Today,she asked me to open the present but I refused..
Because I don't have a habit that open present in front of my friends..LOL
Then,she asked me to guess what's the present..
At first,I thought that's photo book..
Who knows that is TVXQ's book~!!!!!!
I never thought that she will sent this to me...
OMG~!!!I was totally surprised~!!!!!
Anyway,thanks ya Shi Jin~!!!!
Your present is my favourite present among the gifts~!!!!Love ya~<333
Tracy,Doggi,Ling,Bubu,Guet Peng and Ashley..Did you guys see that???XD


Address List

A bit blur..I knew my capture skill sucks~!!!><

Max~!!!!Woohoo~!!!Handsome ah~~<333

Micky~!!!!!!Woohoo~!!!BuBu~!!!Your husband nah~!!!XD

Hero~!!!!Ling and Doggi..Did you two see that??XD

Xiah~!!!!!Ashley and Guet Peng~!!!!I knew you two will snatch with each other..XD

Yunho~!!!!!My man~!!!!!!Charisma~!!!ahhhhhh...with Tracy~XD

Anyway,thanks to Shi Jin,Xue Lin and Jing Ying~!!!Love you guys~!!<333

Ah Pui mia present..
Seriously,I was shocked and confused why she sent me birthday gift..
But I won't felt touching either happy..==
LOL,I knew I'm bad..
Anyway thanks ya..=)

Woohoo~!!!!!Twilight saga~!!!!
By my mum..Although I received the present a few months ago..LOL
But this were the most expensive gifts among the gifts...
Love you my mother~~~<333

The present gave by Tiffany~!!!!
A bear key chain~!!!!I love it sooo much~!!!!
But her card..ehem..==

What is this huh???
Bear Bear day~!!!!AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
And yet,she said from Yunho...
Oh great,Tiffany you really lame huh~!!!!><
But anyway I like her card..That's so nice..
And yet the key chains..
Thanks ya~<333

The present was gave by Mei Kah,Ying Xin and Li Yong..
A super duper big pencil case????0.0
Agnes that one already big..
But this is huger than that~!!!
And that's so beautiful~~!!!wahahahahaha
Today Mei Kah kept calling me don't open and see it at the outside..
Must go back to home just can see it...
But anyway,thanks ya~!!!That's so nice~!!!!><

Lastly,the present was gave by Nancy at Thursday..
Luckily she took to me earlier..
If not today I must took the bigger present go back to home!!><
That's a pair of pillows..
Having a ribbon to connect the pillows~!!!
And so comfort and nice to hug it~!!!!Woohoo~!!!!
Nancy,thanks ya~!!! Love you~!!!

Thanks you guys gave me the gifts~!!!!!!
I'm touching again~!!!!!!T.T
Touching for you guys still remember my birthday~!!!!!Thanks!!!!
The exception of Ah Pui..I guess you guys know the reason~!!!XD
What's my birthday wish this year??
Well,don't want to let you guys know~!!!hehe~!!
I hope that Michael can say Happy Birthday to me~!!!In front of me!!!!!
But I know this just will become a dream won't be reality..
But I'll imagine it in my brain~!!!<333

My Birthday cake~!!!!!I knew I'm old-fashioned..Now already 21st century!!!But yea,I needed cake during my Birthday!!!I need wish~!!!!!So I admit that I'm old-fashioned~!!!!XD

Sweet sweet sixteen~!!!!So fast~!!!!!I'm old again!!!!NO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~T.T

4th September 2009-My birthday..
And yet that is Michael private funeral...(In USA timing that's still 3rd Sept 2009)
Although USA timing was 3rd Sept but at Malaysia that's 4th Sept..
My birthday means that Michael's burial..
Seriously,I really very sad
Why my birthday is Michael's burial????T.T
So,I won't forget this day~!!!!!
And I won't say goodbye to Mike~!!!
Because in my heart,he's never gone..
His death I'm still cannot believe that's real..
I still cannot believe..
Sorry for me being silly...But I really cannot believe it..
Even though he's gone,but he will still alive in my heart forever and ever..
Mike,rest in peace and be happy at the heaven..I wanted to see your smile..=)






P/S:Hope that I can get 16 wishes from you guys on my shout box!!!!!See ya~

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