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Friday, April 3, 2009
SMKM Choral Speaking Text 2009 @ 11:11 PM

Well,i'm too free already...
So i post our choral speaking text up here...XD
A,B,C and ALL

ALL-Good morning,Good morning,Good morning!!!
ALL-We would like to present to you......
ALL-The Malaysian Unique and Unbelievable Lifestyles
ALL-Ladies and gentlemen,
ALL-Boys and girls,
ALL-Join us for a journey,
A-A flight to reality
C-Yap,some people say
B-Reality bites(Ouch!)
ALL-Yet,it's true!
ALL-True,it's true!
B(solo)-So please,oh please
ALL-Bear with us till the last
B-Coz it's the Malaysian reality
ALL-That we shall now reveal
C-Open any travaller's magazine
ALL-And pronto!Find MALAYSIA-Malaysia!
B-You'll see broad wide smiles
B(solo)-Of the numerous praises
A(solo)-Continuous Compliment
ALL-Of Our
A&C-Natural green paradise
B&C-Swaying coconut trees
A&B-And pretty warm ladies with firgure looking good...[wow]
ALL-But in reality,we have our very own unique
ALL-Unbelievable and sometimes
ALL-Disgusting lifestyles
C-And now our first stop."The Habit of Throwing Rubbish into Malaysian Rivers"
B(solo)-"Uh,hello Inspector Mazlan.This is Aleeza here.Can you come over to Sungai Pahang?"
B(solo)-"What's up,Leeza?Anything fishy going on up there?"
B(solo)-"Well,we have found something strange floating here!"
C-It's an alien!
A-It's a UFO!
B-It's a fridge!
ALL-A fridge????
ALL-A fridge in Sungai Pahang?
ALL-Our once clean and fresh rivers
A-Now they are huge rubbish dumps
A&B-From toilet tissues to human faeces,
A&C-Steering wheels to old TVs,
A-corpses B-steel beds C-and even worse,ALL-aeroplane wreckage
A-Next comes our second unique lifestyles: ALL-"The Public Toilets Dilemma"
C-"Welcome to Malaysian aromatic public toilets,Aloha!"
B-"Only 20 cents for that sweet,nauseating experience!"
A-"What?I do not know you have petai and jering air fresheners in here."
ALL-Petai and jering?Are those the latest fragrances from Greek?Well,no!They are from Grik!Grik,Perak!
B(solo)-We are for cleanliness
A(solo)-"Keep our toilet clean"
C(solo)-"Dont throw the sanitary napkin into the toilet bowl"
ALL-But we never practise them
C-They always end up as slogans
ALL-look at our
A-ugly,dirty and smelly public toilets
B&C-Another Malaysian disgraceful scene!
A-The smell makes you sick and dizzy
B&C-You feel like vomiting and fainting
A&B-The very moment you step in
C-Instanly you feel like jumping out!
ALL-Third,another Malaysian rare lifestyles:"The Dumping Babies Mania."
C-Babies A-Babies B-Babies
ALL-Cute,cuddly,gentle and chubby
A(solo)-Oh!What a pity,these innocent
A-But punished babies
C-Dumped around like some kind of rubbish
A-In the dustbin
B-In the toilet
C-At the lane
A-On the train
ALL-And some even in the drain
A(solo)-"Mummy,mummy why did the mothers throw their babies everywhere?"
C(solo)-"Coz they didn't want the babies.
A(solo)-"Why is that so?
ALL-That's another Malaysian darkest side!
B-We have told you the truth
C-The whole truth,
A-And nothing but the truth
ALL-So,dont you feel horrible,terrible and unbearable?
C-Dont you feel like choking us to death?
A-Or yelling out,ALL-"Shut up!"
ALL-We assure you that
B-With the Malaysian educational system
A&B-That stresses on moral values and etiquettes like
C-Dilligence! B-Politeness! A-Sharing! C-Loving! B-Kindness! A-Honesty!
A-You can expect
B-Today's youngsters and our future Malaysians
C-To be more caring and more responsible citizens
A-We will give our best
A&B-To make Malaysia
ALL-A cleaner,safer and better
B&C-Place to live in
ALL-"Ask not what the country can give you but ask what you can give to your country"
B-For that,
A&C-We must beat the odds and be the best(the best)
A&B-As a people,as a nation
B&C-Let's live as one
C-As the saying goes:
ALL-"All for one and one for all
A&C-Together we move on with full spirit and zest!
ALL-Malaysia can do it,yeah!

I'm the row c....hoho
The text we had deleted some pharagraph...
But also very long lar i guess..@.@
Actually this text was very good one..
Just because our teacher said druing competition..
Our hand cannot move...
Who know when competition really can move hand...
Because of this we lost many marks in here...
But never mind lar..
It is already a past tense...


That's my way as a human being.:)

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