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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Tomorrow competition already!!!!>< @ 10:59 PM

Well,tomorrow competition already...
I'm felt like very nervous now..
I scare i will make mistaken during the competition..
Hope i can do my best tomorrow..
Everyone pray for me ba..
Today during the practice..
Because Shi Jin had told him we got practice today..
I saw him long time dont have come..
So dont have peduli him lor..
Who know i just dont so worry..
He and his friend came out with a sudden..
OMG~~But this time was just across only lar..
Unfortunate when i saw him my sound suddenly change to too soft..
The second time was he really came there..
And sumore sat at there heard our practice..
This sure make me more nervous..and im the first row leh...
After that he teach us how to bow,then he n his friend go back already lar..
How i know he bring more people came there..==
Today also very"fish" lar..
When i saw him i really got some...
i made mistaken ah..T.T~
Such as i didnt wait for the conductor signal..
aikx...but today he look like so handsome..
Well,i always said him handsome de..XD
I still wanna sleep early for tomorrow competition..
Everyone pray for us whose are invole in choral speaking...
Good night~~^^


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