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Sunday, February 19, 2012
To the one who had the warmest heart ever @ 11:28 PM

Tears keep falling on cheeks..
Staring at the comp,and reminiscent the every precious memory that she had gave to me..
I'm still remember,how I know about her last year..
She's a very very kind person...
Makes me like to talk with her...
But normally we could not chat any longer than 2 hours...
She got to sleep and working another day..
I know her through my friend...
She's my friend girlfriend and eventually we ended up as best friend...
Still remember how she described my hyperactive-ness
Which always make me smile with awkward...
Or she's the one who smile with awkward lol...
I know about her life story...
She had a sister,but died on scene in a car accident.
She survived,but her legs get injured and she will get paralysed someday
Instead of giving up,she accept all the facts cheerful..
Even though her father blamed her that she's one who caused her sister death.
Her father never talk with her since that day...
Until the day her father is passed away..
She never blame anyone,but move on her life with happiness
From that day on,she felt that she got the responsibility to take care of her mother...
And actually she did faces some problem with my friend..about their relationship..
It's a long story though..
But there's something that I can't denied,she's one of the toughest girl that I've ever met.
She truly amazed,impressed me.
Somehow I wish that I could be like her-that tough.
Anyway,I miss her so muchhhh!
There's nothing that I can do with..

There Is A Happy Land violin cover by me...
The only thing that I'm able to do,pray and send my blessing to her..
I will miss you forever...I will never forget about you..
Thank you for the everything that you'd gave it to me..
The warmest memories that I've ever had..
Rest In Peace,my dear friend...

by: 成濑川 枫

That's my way as a human being.:)

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