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Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Figures Madness @ 11:31 PM

Came back with my lovely figures from KL!!WEEE!XDDDDDDDD
OMG!!!!!!!I want that one so badly!!!!*sigh*
I searched for it IN EVERYWHERE!!But LOL all of the Nendoroid Sebastian figures are sold out.
And it makes me kinda upset.Errr,not kinda is totally.==
But the little figures of Sebby makes my days again!HAHAHA!!*See,Sebby for sure.lol
Seriously my sis snatched my lovely Sebby with me!!Oh God,why!!???
I thought her favourite is Ciel!!
When I ask her about who do you love the most in Kuroshitsuji?
My God!This is her answer-I love two of them!Ciel and Sebastian.==
My expression-..... Yeah,it's totally speechless.=-=
By the way,I owned Sebby no matter what!!*laughs*
So here's my favourite collections.

The Figures I bought from KL.Seriously,the nendoroid Sebastian figure still upset me!!Jeez!!Why can't I have you,Sebby!!!???*cries*

Awwww,the little Sebby that makes my days!!I love Sebby wear like this in the manga and anime!!Looks so HAWT!!♥♥♥

Awww!!!!The Hat-wearing Sebby-chan!!!!And the little Kuro Neko stands beside him!!So CUTEEE!!!!!♥♥♥♥

Okay I know,I'm became more and more serious.lol.
Anyway,I'm gonna to bring my nendoroid Sebastian figure come back!!!
Sebby,just wait for me!!!

Watched the current OVA of Kuroshitsuji!Grell looks so HAWT with the short hair!!!!Yana-sensei!!Grell should forever looks like this!!!>///< And finally I know that why Grell wanted to be a girl since the day he became a shinigami.==

*sigh*School gonna reopen soon!!I will miss you so much!!!My lovely,wonderful,adorable holidays!!!!!T____T
It's time to say Goodbye.
Mina-san~oyasuminasai soushite ja ne~x)

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