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Sunday, June 26, 2011
25th June 2011.Smile to the blue sky,the only paradise. @ 10:48 PM

25 June 2011,it comes again,eventually.
It has already been 2 years.Time flies so fast.
I still remember that day in 2009,such a devastated,depressed and saddened day.
I still could remember the expressions on the faces,the shock ones and the cry ones.
I couldn't forget every moment of it.And I must to admit it,I do really cried a lot.
I just only can see the darkness in my life after that.It seems like there's no light existed in my life.
Always stared at the blue sky desperately and yearning he could come back someday.
I can tell you that I believe Mike is at peace now.I wouldn't care about the hoax thingy.
Because,I couldn't lie to myself.I have to face it no matter what.We gotta accept it!!
And I know I will be mad when I know that he's gone,once again.
Sorry to the fans who think Mike is still alive,sorry,I can't lie to myself.I just can't do it.
Yet,I know the feeling that being judged by the others.I just can't stand the criticism and humiliation.
People just don't understand why did I be that sad.They just thought that I'm the crazy one and there's nothing to be sad of.
They will never know,the feeling of being loved by someone that's so fantastic,awesome and amazing.
And the most important thing,we are in love with him too.
The feeling is just so amazed when you heard his voice from the radios and TVs.
You could be so excited or exhilarated when you saw the posters from the shops and so on.
And you would so adored him when he does something that's very cute!!
Everything about him just like an addiction!You just can't stop loving at him!!
And I'm so happy that I got lots of friends that truly know and understand about me.
I can share my feelings and experiences with them.
I do really appreciate them!!They always cheer me up!!
And I enjoyed a lot and had lots of fun when talking with them.
Last year,we passed through the the 25th June with tears.
But this time, I wanna celebrate the 2 years anniversary with smiles and laughs.
That's what Michael wants to see.
I always know about that,he wants us to be the happiest fans in the world.
So why don't we,just wipe out our tears,look at the sky and smile widely.
Whenever I looked at the blue sky,I just can feel it.I can feel his existence.
Just as he never gone,always be with us.
He will be alive in our hearts and memories.
So,let's smile to the sky and make the sun become brighter and brighter.
Remember,it's all for love.L.O.V.E.
L.O.V.E is all we need.:DDDDD

My drawing tribute for Mikey.LOL!I know,it sucks.=( Anyway,I miss ya,Mike!!><

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