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Friday, April 22, 2011
Admiration @ 11:56 PM

I'm glad that Yana sensei is alright!!P/S:Kuroshitsuji's author.
I'm so worry when I knew that Kuroshitsuji is not serialized for 1 month in GFantasy magazine.
I thought something bad is happened.== Errr,yeah something about injury or dead?==
Luckily I saw the post on sensei's blog and knew that she's sicked recently.
And thats the reason why new chapter isn't serialized.2 chapters will be revealed next month.*WEEE!!!That's too great!!
And truly I'll pray for sensei and wish that she will get well soon.x)
Recently I found that I do really admiring the mangakas and seiyuus.P/S:mangakas=caricaturists.Seiyuus=voice actors
They're just so great!!
The mangakas that I admired are Toboso Yana Sensei 枢やな先生,Takahashi Kazuki sensei 高橋和希先生 and Shiihashi Hiroshi sensei 椎橋寛先生!!
I love their drawings,story plots and most important-the characters!!XDDDDD
The characters that created by the sensei are so attractive and yesh,I just simply fall for them!!♥♥
Especially Sebastian Michaelis by Yana sensei,Atemu by Takahashi sensei and Nura Rikuo by Hiroshi Shiihashi sensei!!♥♥
They're my favourite characters among the mangas!!I was so addicted to them!!==
And my favourite seiyuus are Ono Daisuke 小野大輔 as Sebastian Michaelis,Kazama Shunsuke 風間俊介 as Mutou Yuugi/Atemu and Fukuyama Jun 福山潤 as Nura Rikuo/Grell Sutcliff.
AHHHHHHHHH!I love their voices!!!I mean their voices amazed me!!
WOOTS!!!!Their voices are so matching the characteristics of the characters.WOO!XDD
And they're a bunch of nice people!!Really very NICE!!!♥♥
And I also found that Sebastian knows singing!!LOL!!I mean the seiyuu!
But HAHAHA for me,the voice is dedicated to my lovely Sebby!XD *I'm so sorry OnoD but every time I listened to the songs the person comes to my mind is Sebastian.XD
Well,I have to admit that the voice is just so lovely!!Sebby!!!♥♥
OMG!!Madness could explains everything!!XDDDDDDDD
Anyway,hope that Yana sensei can get well soon and stay healthy!!:DDD



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