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Monday, December 5, 2011
絶対に貴方守るよに! @ 2:41 AM

It's such a long time I didn't update my post.
Well,it can be says that I'm busy or LAZY.
You know,laziness wins my insistence all the time.*winks*
But tonight,my nostalgic(?) knocked off my laziness.LOL
Not very long ago,I fall for an artist again.yeah yeah,I know I got loads of lovers!
You can't blame it,I'm a fangirl.So,it's very common?LOL.
Just kiddin'.
Not every man can makes me fall in love.HAHA!
Okay,let's back to the topic mentioned above.lols
I'm not going to tell who is he at the moment.
I just wanna to shout my feeling out loud.;)
He's so special among the hundred or thousand artists.
It's unbelievable,I could see an artist that's like him.
How special is he??well,I'm going to tell.x)
He's a man that always do the things which are unpredictable.
When the first time I saw him,that's a video.Concert vid.
He was performing a song named Ghost.
Do ya guys know what's my reaction and thoughts after watching the vid?
The brilliant,impressive,amazing and loads of adjectives comes to my mind at that moment.
I got impressed,truly impressed.
Yesh,the performance impressed me.No doubt.
But,there's something more than that.
Through the performance,I can only see one thing.
He's a person who like to do something that he wanted so much.
And if he's going to do it,there's no hesitation exists.
Some how you can feel his insistence towards the things he does.
Yet,the every decision that he made,probably he wouldn't care how the others humiliating it unless you had said something that's very useful or considerable.
Don't ask me why I had that feeling.
I don't know.This is my answer.Truly this is my thought that comes to my mind the next second after I watched the performance.
It is odd,I admit
So,this is the reason that I fall for him.The personality,get impressed.
Still,he's someone who will not conceals anything from his fans.
You can said that's no secret between him and his fans.
Lately,when I searching the pictures and I saw a comment.
Probably it says that she's watching the vids of him right now.
She says that he's changed recently.
Because when she watched the previous vids,she saw that he's very easy to get embarrassed.
And he dislikes to talk even he's on the shows unless you're asking him a question.
Even get bored when he's on the shows.
Well,only the ices can describe how cool is he.
And it's a mystery when you look at him.
But recently he's changed like he doesn't used to be like that anymore.
After that,I saw another comment that seemed is replied to the comment that I've mentioned above.
It says that's because the company wants to model the mystery feeling of his,so he had to act like that.
He's a person likes to talk about the hentai(pervert) stuffs on the shows.So,do ya think he's somebody so easy to get embarrassed?
Yesh,I concurred with her.
Actually he's not the person that so easy to get embarrassed.
He likes to joke,likes to fool the people around,likes to play,likes to express anything that he wants to say so much.
Just doing the things that normally an artist wouldn't do.
Normally,the artists are so nervous about their image.
They would just obey anything that their company had told them.
They will disciplined themselves and so on.
But he is the one that's so different compared with them.
He will not care about how he looks like in the people eyes.
He likes to do something fishy especially destroying his own image.
He likes to talk nonsense all the time,no matter who's the person he talked with.
Even in the acting,he would challenging himself like gets the character that's a hentai killer or even an evil eunuch.The characters sound some awful and weird,right?
But he just loves to do like that.
That's his way to become an artist and musician.
I'm admiring his personality,his thoughts,his everything.
He always try so hard to do the best.And eventually it ends up smoothly,perfectly.
Some more he knows a lot of instrument like trumpet,piano,violin(my fav and the only instrument that I've played.) and lots of other instruments(10 or above I think.)
He's a producer and song writer.
All of the song that he sang are produced and written by him.
The lyrics are written in a beautiful way,I love the way he writes them.
How talent and brilliant he is.
He said that the every song that he produced contains his feelings and the songs did said everything about his life,his world.
Every time I listen to his songs,I got a feeling.The feeling that I will know him even more,after listened to his songs.It's sooo nice!!
Please take care of yourself.
It worries me all the time.
Please do sleep more and stay healthy.
Don't always busying on your works and forget your meal and rest.
It's an agony if I saw someone that I precious and treasured so much get sicked and I just can only do nothing.
Don't always show your crying baby face,it looks so ugly yet makes me cry too.
Thanks for your everything,thanks for your sacrifices to our fans.
We appreciate it very much.
So,I will wait for your school and castle in France.
Last but not least,just stay the way you are.;)))))

Dedication to GACKT CAMUI and all the Dears.:D

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