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Saturday, February 28, 2009
Exam is coming soon!!!very soon~~(My Blog can leave comment again~~The problem is fixed!!) @ 7:39 PM

I come to renew my blog lu~~~
Exam is coming soon ler~~~
Next Tuesday n also is the 3rd March...
A lot the book have to study...
I'm totally dont have the time to read the book!!!
always tuition homework...
Where gt the left time to do revision???
Luckily this time dont have many chapter have to study~~
I hate hate hate hate the bio!!!
I cant memorise the chapter 2!!!
sei ler lar me!!!!T^T
My bio sure get bad result liao de!!!T^T
Luckily chemis,physics oso is use method de...
If not i'm die aredy this time!!><
Second subject me worry de is sejarah~~
Although when f1 f2 my history geng~~
But now my history like rubbish aje...
aikxxxx....History no tuition really can sei aredy de...
I'm not only worry about the exam..
and also the friday that thing!!!
Now i very scare he will know!!
Hate the Maverick!!!
38 dou...really can die ler him!!!
What the...
now hope he still dont know about that thing...
If not really no friend do aredy!!!aikxxx...
Wish my friends can get a good result in this examination...
Including me~~~wahahahahaha~~xD~~


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