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Thursday, January 22, 2009
CNY is coming soon~!!!!! @ 11:23 PM

CNY is coming soon~~
Wish you all having a great and wonderful CNY~~~hehe
Now me whole day busy for homework~~
Damn many homework!!!!!><
And many tuition...
Who said Form 4 is honeymoon year???
That was never be the truth!!!!!!
I'm busy till never having a rest~~
Always sleep at 12 a.m. or after...
But at this few days..
I'm damn no mood...
Because i always have been forgotten by other people...
Like me ask them things,they never answer me...
Go out recess dont wait me but if is other people...
They will wait them~~~
And chat with them they will say want me to keep quiet....
Got things wan me help sure friend with me..
But if nothing just throw me away!!!!
I hate this feeling!!!!!
I hate!!!!!
What the hell was the Earth going on???
Treat me like this!!!!!!
So is what mean now?????
I'm a rubbish????
Always forgotten by you all????
The"other people"is my best friends!!!!!!
Now i just realize that i'm not be as a friend in their heart...
Treat me like this...
I tell them they dont have say with me or something..
They said me at there angry...
But i'm didnt...
Izzit no chat with them is angry????
It so nonsense....
Stop kidding ok???
Now i'm really have the feeling of dissapointed...
I'm really hate the loneliness....
This feeling really always destroyed my mood!!!!!
However the CNY is coming soon....
I will try to make myself stop thinking those things~~
Good night guys~~^^


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