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Friday, August 21, 2009
Holidays~~ @ 8:41 PM

Holidays finally came!!!!!!!XD
How long I waited holidays to come as fast as possible!!!><
I can sleep whole day during the holidays..
No more 6.00 a.m. must wake up!!!!!!
No more take the tired body going to tuition!!!!XD
Although just 1 week holidays...
Maybe that wasn't would be enough to me..LOLx
But better than don't have holidays in my life..
I think I'll become crazy if without holidays in my life...0.0
Well,who can bear off without holidays in their life??LOLx!!!
I having many plans during the holiday!!!!!
Hope my plan really can be used..LOLx!!><
And yet,my pc problem has been fixed!!!!><
I can't online a few days since Wednesday!!!
I thought my pc had detected by virus!!!!><
OMG~!!!!!!!Luckily today the people came and fixed it...
I was overjoyed when the computer had been fixed!!
And told my mum the food of today is very nice to eat it!!LOLx!!!
Actually the problem wasn't sooo big..
But give me,that's a BIG PROBLEM!!!!
I can't survive without computer especially when holiday is coming!!!!!!><
So I'm having a hard time to worry about my computer..LOL
Although I still can sleep well during the nights!!XD
But thanks god,that's fixed!!!phew~!!!><
Okay, that's all for today!!!!!
Hope you guys having a great,happy and wonderful holidays!!!!!!XD

Michael at Madame Tussauds which located at London when 1985...Michael was waved to his fans!!!!!!!And there had a lot of policemen were protected Michael from his fans to avoid any injury happened..Can I be one of his fans???OMG~I love his glove again!!!He's brilliant and cute!!!!!<333>

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