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Friday, February 4, 2011
Ang Pow/Red packet !x) @ 2:14 AM

WEEEE today I went to people house with friends.
Hmmm~With Hui Ling,Xue Lin,Dai Lou and Nancy.
I finally met Xue Lin who came back from National Service!!WEEE!
We talked sooo much!!MUAHAHA!I think we are talking that much everyday.=='''
Honestly in this CNY holidays,today is the only day I can hang out with them.**Now you're holiday-ing-.-** Oh yeah....==
Tomorrow have to go back to grandpa's house.
And I guess I will stayed at there until Sunday and come back here during night.
So yeah...=-=
But HAHAHAHAHA!!I get the money!!MUAHAHAHA!You know that.
I need $ seriously!I had to buy lots of things!CDs,DVDs and so on!!!==
Anyway,this is the first time I don't need to worry about school reopen.
It's still very far for me to talk about school reopen!NGEK!
Still have few months to go!Oh yesh!XD
MUAHAHAHAHA!Enjoy the CNY to the fullest!!!WEEWEEEWEEE!!
And Rikuo-sama!I love you so much!!I totally fall for your eyes!!♥♥♥
Oh well,it should be 'looks'.LOL!
Okay,that's it for today.Ja ne~
P/S:During the days I'm not around,blog will not updated.:)
PP/S:Nobody wants to know whether your stupid blog is updated or not.==


That's my way as a human being.:)

Yeah,I'm Keely!Basically I'm a J-pop rocker!XD And yeah I'm an animes freak.

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♥Michael Jackson!Fully inspired me!
♥武藤遊戯 a.k.a アテム!Truly cool and yeah gorgeous!Anime rocks!XD
♥三浦春馬 a.k.a Miura Haruma!Yes,I love his smile!What a cutie!XD
♥Robert Pattinson!Hawt as Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen!XD
♥奴良リクオ!!Rikuo-sama daisuki da!!
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