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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Addicted to ぬらりひょんの孫! @ 1:41 AM

Firstly,I wanna say Happy 200th post to my bloggie.lol.It's kinda thrilling me.XD
Recently addicted to anime!!AWWW!It's too nice I can't resist it!
ぬらりひょんの孫 in Japanese and pronounced as Nurari hi ~yon no mago
In English named as Nura Rise Of The Yokai Clan..
OMG!!!I totally in love with this!It's really awesome!
I love the night Rikuo!He's gorgeous and he's very cool!!
P/S:I love the guys who acted as cool.Of course I'm talking about their personality!
Those guys personalities=Cool--->Gorgeous+Gorgeous+Hawt!!♥

The Day Rikuo.He's in human condition during days.So of course he looks like human during days.Yokai's looks appeared during nights.Okay,it's kinda adorable!XD

Oh yeshhhh!!!!Night Rikuo a.k.a his yokai look!!I love this so much!!Red eyes+Hair in white and black colours=HAWT!!!!

OMG!!I totally fall for Rikuo's yokai's looks!!He's sooooo HAWT!!!Awww,I love shounen!!!

What I can say?HAWT!!!*dead*

Rikuo's grandpa.When he's younger.Okay he looks like Rikou by the way there's still have some
differences.The colour of their eyes and Rikuo's grandpa has some tattoo on his face.Anyway,his grandpa is so HAWT as well!I mean when he's younger!!Yokai looks saiko!XD

Anime always killing me!!!AHHHHH!!!Especially Yuugi!LOL!!He's the first anime character that I ever fall for.He's sooo cool as well as night Rikuo!!!AHHH!!!!*crazed*
Okay,that's it.Continue my mangas!Ja~ne..XD

P/S:Yokai=demon,Saiko=the best


That's my way as a human being.:)

Yeah,I'm Keely!Basically I'm a J-pop rocker!XD And yeah I'm an animes freak.

Here's my love ones
♥TVXQ!Yay!I'm a Cassie!XD
♥Michael Jackson!Fully inspired me!
♥武藤遊戯 a.k.a アテム!Truly cool and yeah gorgeous!Anime rocks!XD
♥三浦春馬 a.k.a Miura Haruma!Yes,I love his smile!What a cutie!XD
♥Robert Pattinson!Hawt as Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen!XD
♥奴良リクオ!!Rikuo-sama daisuki da!!
♥Current anime state:黒執事
♥Current manga state:YGO Zexal,Nurarihyon and Kuroshitsuji
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