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Sunday, December 13, 2009
41st Interact Conference District 3300 @ 11:46 PM

I'm back from Nilai Inti University College!~!!YAY
Seriously I'm awaits the conference a long time..
But I kind of disappointed in some programs..
But I LOVE the PEOPLE!!!!
I knew a group of friends from Sitiawan..
Yea,they're hilarious..
Especially Kiaos!!!!!XDDDDD
Well,just now sms he said I still scolding him though the conference is over..
Hahahahahahaha~I love to scold him..
Had a lot of fun when I do that to him!!XDDDD
But actually that wasn't scolding..
It was like critic..A joking critic..XD
Oh yea of course Kenny and Tien..hahahahahaha
And I knew a group of friends too from Rotary Club of Pudu..
LOL,seriously I forgot their school name..
Forgive me please,people..==
But luckily they knew Cantonese..
Oh well,it should be I was luckily knew Cantonese..lol
Communicate with them with English no problem..
But my English kind of sucks that I will scarred when I speak them to people..lol
And yet!!!!The MOST IMPORTANT one!!!
Shi Jin and I love the guys from Germany and Frances!!!!
Woohoo!!!They're HOT and look so GORGEOUS!!!LOL
And when we took pictures with them..
They are HUGGING us!!!!LOL~
Obviously why I wanted to point it out!!!!hahahahahahahaha~
Shi Jin and I kind of like went crazy~XD
And we got theirs contact emails~YEA!!!XDDD
We had a lot of fun while the Talentine and Formal Night..
But I still okay..
Because when I listen to Michael's songs..
I feel like I couldn't control myself and cried...
I will afraid and worry to listen them at the public..
I feel like there's suffer and pain..*sigh*
And there's a lot of speakers keep mentioned about Michael..
But seemed like they doesn't really know Michael as well~XDDDD
And felt exciting there's a lot of friends love Michael~WOOHOOO!!!!XDDD
Of course,and for sure I got met St.Thosmas Interact B.O.D
Hahahahahahahaha~They still like the first time we met..
Easy to went high and crazy~XDDDD
So after the conference that we stayed at the Inti University College 4 days and 3 nights...
Sure back home lar..
But before we back to home,we went to 1U..
Yea,the only HUGE shopping centre that's Mike went before..
LOL~seriously I love to go there~I can feel Mike be there before..LOL
I'm crazy~yea,totally!!XDDD
I couldn't found the book..ISH!!!!Want to cry~~~T^T
So,I won't miss the programs but miss the people!!!
They're nice,man!!!!><
I do really feel exciting to meet them..And hope we could meet again~=)
Sure that we got the pictures..
I will post it up tomorrow if I get them all and when found my USB cable..==
So,See ya~XD

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