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Saturday, August 8, 2009
Cute Mike In Early 80s @ 4:41 PM

This is the video of"Making Of Thriller Pt.5"
The rehearsal of Michael and Ola Ray when in the MV walking scene..
Well,I hate Ola!!!She sued Michael when Mike 26 years old because of money..
S*** her!!!!ish!!!Brooke is better than her!!!><

Michael :Bam!!!!!
John(the director):Wrong!!!Wrong,wrong,wrong!!!!
*So cute man!!!!!he jumped out and he think he's right,who knew he's wrong!!!XD~

John told us a secret that Mike being ticklish..
John :This is Michael Jackson.(pointed at Michael) and this is Michael Jackson's foot.(he started take off Michael's shoes)
John :I would let people know..
Michael :No,John..(became shy)
John :Michael Jackson is extremely tickle..
John :Watch.Foot.(Pointed at Michael's foot)..Michael Jackson.(Pointed at Michael)
Michael started laughing because of John tickle him..
John :No..watch!!
Michael :No!!John!!No!!
Michael keep on kick John,because of John keep on tickle him..XD
And then John stop tickle Mike and take the shoes to him..
Michael:You did that yesterday!!!
John :That's all..

Mike is soo cute when being ticklish!!!!XD~
And I like he wear the Mickey's shirt..So cute!!!!<333

I noticed that Michael keep his distance with Ola when rehearse the walking scene in the MV..

Yea,better Mike do that!!!!!XD~

Lastly,young Michael dancing at the end of the video...so cute!!!<333

Why Michael always being cute when he's offstage??

I'll become insane on his cuteness!!!!!<333

Okay,that's all for today!!!FLY~XD

Michael and Brooke in early 80s..They are such a sweet couple!!!Love them!!!<333>

P/S:Because of I havent get the USB cable..So,hehe~XD

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