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Monday, August 3, 2009
Cutest Moment!!!!<33 @ 7:35 PM

P/S:Actually I wanna post IU,Rotary Installation day and today's Japanese came our school..But USB gave back to Xue Lin..So,next time..aikx..

Liberian Girl

This MV was shooted with various artists..
They keep asked where's Michael..
At first,I also felt weird because this is Michael's song why Michael didnt appear??0.0
Actually,Mike became the director and shooting the movie..
He appeared in a cute way!!!!
And then the artists noticed that he is at the bottom there shooting..
"Heee~~Hee~~Okay everyone,that's a wrap.."by Michael..
OMG~!!!!His laughing voice!!!Gonna faint!!!Super Duper cute!!!!!<333
Say,Say,Say with Paul McCartney
This MV is shooting when 1983 with Paul McCartney..
This is about the friendship between Michael and Paul..
Michael sooo cute when he put the whitty thingy on his face...<333
Mike,why you so different when you are not on the stage???>///<
And your voice,I'm so jealous the God gave you the sweetest voice ever!!!

PP/S:I remembered that the Private Movie the director ask Michael like tour or not..
I remembered he said "I dislike tour..I hate tour..I just like the moment be with fans bla bla bla.."
The director said cut called him said once again..He repeated "I hate tour!!!I go hell tour!!!"
LOLx!!!Hell!!!!I think the hell will be heaven at the last..XD~
The director said cut again,the staff started discussing.."I like tour!!!"Mike suddenly became very serious..."Hahahahahahahaha"the laughing voice of the staff.."Why you guys laughing???"Mike suddenly just curious and become shy..XDDD~Cute!!!!!<333

LOLx,I think i become siaw already!!!!
But never mind,crazy Michael with the 20 years old girl~XDDD

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