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Thursday, May 28, 2009
28th May 2009-Xue Lin's Birthday~ @ 11:19 PM

Happy Birthday to my best buddy-Xue Lin!!XD
Today we had 2 birthday parties..
1st venue-4 Alfa,SMKM
2nd venue-Secret Recipe,Temerloh

Xue Lin at 4 Alfa..Our lovely classroom,see our classroom so beautiful..Except the floor..=.=

At Secret Recipe,Xue Lin today sooooo cute!!!!Shi Jin and I kept wan to take photos with her!XD

Xue Lin 16 years old lu~~~><

Cutie Xue Lin and the cake!!!XD

Make wishes!!!Make wishes!!!XD

Woohoo!!!I love cheese cake!!!It was my 2nd favourite cake!!XD

Shi Jin and I...woohoo!!We were spec frogs!!xP

Did you all saw that Tiffany choking me with joy??Looked at her reaction...0.0

Started from left handside:Hui Ling,Tiffany,I and Wannie.Behind us was Shi Jin..XD

Tiffany tasted her meal!!!Yummy~~XD

Started from left handside:Hui Ling,Tiffany,I and Wannie..Tiffany totally in crazy state..0.0

Started from left handside:Hui Ling,Tiffany,I and Wannie..Why Hui Ling closed her eyes??She felt sleepy??0.0

Started from left handside:Jing Ying,Hui Ling,Tiffany,I and Wannie..Wannie's face be half!!??0.0

Wannie and Shi Jin~~

Hui Ling and Wannie~~~~

Our main character-Xue Lin and Wannie!!!XD

Xue Lin and Hui Ling~~

Hui Ling and I..We were 007!!!LOLX!

Hui Ling and Shi Jin..007 again!!See how cool Hui Ling acted!!XD

Jing Ying and Shi Jin~~

Jing Ying and I~~Cool rulezzz~!!!XD

Wannie and I~~XD

Last photo!!!Wannie and I~~><

I'm very happy during the party at Secret Recipe tonight!!

All of us keep took photos with ours handphone,showing off~~XD

And almost all the photos was captured by Tiffany Lee Si Ching~~

The Camera Woman in our gang~~XD

I think I should have practice my capture skills~~XD

Lastly,Xue Lin today you are sooo cute!!!><

Although I had sang this song twice..

But I wanted sing at here one more time..

Happy Birthday to you..

Happy Birthday to you..

Happy birthday to Xue Lin..

Happy Birthday to you~~XD

That's all for today..FLY~~XD

PS:I knew HYS saw someone so cute very happy~~XD



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