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Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Moonwalk @ 9:16 PM

Woohoo~!!!!!Finally,I'm free!!!!!WEEEE~~~XDDD
I had been waiting today for a long time!!!!!!!!!!
Say NO to exam!!!!!!Now no need always heading to the books!!!Oh yea~XD
Finally I could read Moonwalk already!!!!!!
Wahahahahahahahaha~I love this book so much!!!!
Michael being so cute!!!!!<3
The book was published at 1988 and now republished again~
Owh~~I love it!!!!<3

Moonwalk~Moonwalk~Written by Michael~WOOHOO~!!!XD

Owh~~~I love this book so much!!!The reddish colour and the golden signature~!!!!!I love IT!!!!<3

OMG!!!I love the "bling" glove always!!!!Glad to see the glove here~XDD

OMG!!!!So cute!!!!Drawn by Michael~Billie Jean,Not My Lover~!!XD

Signature~!!!!!!!But I don't know that's print by printer or???0.0

The Jackson 5 time~~~Weee~XD

Cute little Michael~<3

When Bad Era~Sometimes I love Michael wearing the sun glasses..Look so gorgeous!!But I love to see his beautiful eyes more~xP

Bad Tour and Thriller music video~Looked so gorgeous and cute!!!!!<3

The performance of Billie Jean during the Victory Tour~I love the fedora,spy hat and"bling" glove!!!!!!<3

Cute Michael and Diana Ross during the rehearsal of We Are The World~~CUTE!!!!!<3

The conference of Bad Tour~<3

"When I was two years old,I was four years old."I remember this!!!Good Year Diana!!!Little Michael is sooo cute!!!!<3

Thriller Era~!!!!Gorgeous!!!!>///<

Michael and Diana when the Grammy Awards in 1979~Michael is sooo cute!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~>///<

Michael and Quincy Jones~~XDDD

I love that one Michael with Berry Gordy!!I love his smile!!!How cute it is!!!!And I love he wearing the Mickey 's T-shirt!!!That's cute!!!!<3

Michael and Brooke Shields at the Grammy Awards which in 1979~Perfect match!!!!!><

Michael and one of his closer friend-Mary~As I mentioned,sometimes he looked so gorgeous with the sun glasses!!!>///<

Michael and Diana~Mike,I knew you love Diana always..But you didn't need acted like so serious~Try to relax~~~0.0

The cover of the "Triumph" album when 1980,I guess you knew the pictures that drawn by Mike was Elvis Presly~Because of Heartbreak Hotel named same as one of the song of Elvis Presly..But Heartbreak Hotel that written and composed by Michael was totally created by Michael!!!Michael didn't copy anyone else's songs!!!!><

Guess what!!!Michael and his "bling" socks!!!COOL!!!XDD

Victory Tour 1984 when Thriller Era~Michael and the policemen will walked around before the tour started!!!COOL!!!I love it!!!>///<

Bad Tour in 1988~!!!Just can used 1 word to describe it~Gorgeous!!!!<3

Victory Tour in 1984~Michael always did that on tour..Touching for the fans that so supported him always~!!!!T_T

The performance of Billie Jean when Victory Tour in 1984~Moonwalk shown its appearance again!!!!AHHHH~!!!!!>///<

The performance of Beat It during the Bad Tour!!!Red jacket!!!!!><

Michael and his sister-LaToya,film of Say,Say,Say with Paul McCartney when 1983~

The gorgeous Michael at the Victory Tour~There's a bit blur but still looked GORGEOUS!!!<3

The advertisement of Pepsi in 1983~I am jealous the kids that can shooting the film with Mike!!!!!!!><

Michael in the music video of Bad and Bad Tour!!!I love his beautiful eyes!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~<3

The music video of Bad when 1987~!!!Dance~dance~dance~!!!!!!!!XDDDD

Awwwwww~!!!!!!I super love this!!!!!!!Michael smile and his wearing is soooooo cute!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHH~I LOVE IT!!!!!!!<3333333

Thriller Era!!!All is my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333

The music video of Bad~~~~AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~*faints*

The last pages of the book!!I hope I could have all of them!!!!!!!><

I love the golden words!!!Looked so shinny~!!!!!XDDDD

OMG~!!!!!I totally love this book!!!!
Except Michael tell his story to us by his own words,there's A LOT of PICTURES in the book!!!!!!!
HOHOHOHOHOHO~Fainted everytime when saw the pictures!!!I just stared at them!!!!>///<
I remember I had read that Michael like to wear white socks..
But white socks just a fashion for 50s and 60s..
So when the fashion was came forbidden,Michael sure will do it to against the forbidden!!!!
And when he wore the socks,and Jermaine saw that..
Jermaine sure will told their mother and tickle Mike~~
Awwwwwwww~!!!I know Michael always being scared from tickle~
How cute it is!!!!!<3
Anyway,I wanted to fly back to my room and continue my book~!~!!!!!XDDDD

P/S:This Saturday will go to Shi Jin house to being crazy for celebrate finished the exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOHOOOO!!!!XDDD

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