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Thursday, October 8, 2009
SICK AGAIN!!!T.T @ 9:22 PM

I'm sick again!!!!!!!!!!
Why I keep sicking this year huh???????
FLU and COUGH!!!!!T.T
I seriously hate FLU~!!!!
I can't ever breathe smoothly!!!!!ISH~
And I coughing like gonna die soon..=3=
I don't wanna sick!!!!!!!!!!><
So,I kept drink water in this few days...
But still cannot see that I had recover..
Just getting worst..0.0
Today gold fish sure let me gek die..hoho~
I said sayonara to everybody in my class while I was leaving~
HOHO~gek her die gek her die~!~!!!XD
Suddenly feel like,izzit when I was being emo..my expression was easily to be showed up??
Hmmm...I don't know~
Maybe~~But I hope I can hidden my expression as well..
sometimes I don't want everybody knows that I'm being emo...
Perhaps I thinking that they keep asking me what had happened but I could not tell them a better answer..
Oh yea,exam is around the corner too..
I need study,study and study!!!!!
I'm worrying my sciences~~~oh yea,history too...stupid subject anyway..==
I don't want get a suck result at this exam again...
I felt soo..embarrassed..==
Well,try my best~!!!AZA~!!!><
Now,should I fly to books??or fly to tv???or fly to facebook??LOL~
By the way,everybody take care ya~
Drink more water and don't spread the fever virus to me if you had a fever~LOL~FLY~!!XD

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