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Sunday, May 31, 2009
Unbelievable+disappointment @ 9:02 PM

I cant believe that my younger brother change till like this...
After he became form 1 student,he started recognise some bad guys..
At first,I thought he just like to lepak,play online games..
But he not only lepak...Until now,my mum's money had stolen by him..
I'm so surprised!!!I shocked!!And my mum found the cigarette in his cupboard!!!
He totally different that the brother i recognise before..
Disappointment overwhelmed..
I still remember no matter how my brother bad..
He wont bad until doing these...
I cant believe it!!!My brother became a samseng...
Although sometimes I really dislike my brother..
But when he done this things,I felt like wanted to cry...
How come my brother became a samseng???why??
I really very very hate his friends!!!
What the heck!!!!!His friends all is useless!!!useless!!!!
Taught my bro this taught him that...
How stupid they are!!??
I really don't want my brother become useless..
Anyway,how I dislike him but he still my brother..
I still remember when small we played together...
I really hope that my brother don't be with those stupid again...
No mood now,kinda moody..fly~


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